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Hardy’s clothing has made news time and featured
 Ed Hardy clothing is a distinctive array of clothes that are stylish, ready to wear and casual which are a mix of art, fashion and affordable prices. ed hardyThis unique clothing line is the conception of Don Ed Hardy who transformed his clothes with his tattoo art.

Hardy has a gamut of clothing lines under his name for the real pop culture clothing enthusiast hardy owns a studio in San Francisco and retails his clothing line within U.S. and overseas. Hardy’s clothing has made news time and featured in most of the popular magazines in the U.S. His clothing is for the typical “Look at me” audience, someone ed hardy clothingwho likes to make a bold statement. Hardy’s clothes are fashionable yet comfortable and is a piece of art which sometimes carry intricate designs.

Ed Hardy clothing was inspired by the man who also gave the line its name, mlb jerseysthe legendary tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy. Known as "the godfather of modern tattoo" in many tattoo circles, Hardy's blend of Japanese and American styles is highly sought after around the world.

Although the Ed Hardy range has become a hit across the globe, it has taken hold in Hollywood more than anywhere else. Britney Spears was recently spotted in the designer's Hollywood warehouse picking out gifts, and Madonna has an item of Ed Hardy clothing on almost daily.

Many argue that Audigier's unique marketing style is the reason for all this success. If you consider how often celebrities are photographer, titanium boltsthe amount of celebrity networking that Audigier participates in can lead to some lucrative opportunities. Rather than spending thousands of dollars securing celebs for marketing campaigns, he simply gives his newfound friends free merchandise. Audigier's site even has a photo gallery full of pictures of famous clients wearing his newest designs.

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