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Madonna jointly push new Ed Hardy
Although the Ed Hardy clothes line has been criticized by the commentators, but the Ed Hardy tattoo totem graffiti Tee and Hat Network star who has always been with one of love. Britney Britney and Heidi Klum are all love Ed Hardy, one of the users.

Following the design for H & M after series of low-priced clothing, Madonna's recent decision to re-enter the fashion design industry.

This time, she co-operation is the "godfather of tattoo," the streets of Los Angeles known as the brand Ed Hardy.

Christian Audigier, founder of the brand design and publicity of those gorgeous costumes of the tattoo design favored by many celebrities. He has also worked for Michael - Jackson's comeback tour will design a set of clothing.

Madonna peacetime often wear tattoos of the Ed Hardy T shirt to take to the streets, so Audigier on the initiation of the idea with her. He not only provided a 6-digit compensation contracts for wheat sister publication to prepare a private show, and encouraged her to design clothes to "express themselves."

Madonna has always been very much appreciate the design talents Audigier Moreover, the two happen to coincide with the exact style, this co-operation implemented quickly.

It is said that the two sides had finalized the design, the clothing line will include T-shirt and tattoo designs of man-made diamonds inlaid corset.
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